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Payroll Deductions Oregon

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  • Payroll Deductions Oregon

    Wondering if anyone has a reference for what an employer can deduct from an employee's paycheck aside from taxes? For example: employee has gas card for company vehicle, buys gas for the vehicle, but after a month the employer requests the receipt from employee and employee can't find it. Employer has the gas card detailed invoice w/date and amount and is able to verify through the invoice that the gas was well within the normal time/amount of gas that would have had to have been purchased for the company vehicle, but because employee can't find the receipt, the employer is stating that the amount paid for gas will be deducted out of the next payroll check.

    Keep in mind there is no insinuation that the employee has done something wrong as it is clear from the invoice that the gas was purchased for the company vehicle. But I am trying to find something, preferably in writing that states what an employer has the right to deduct above and beyond normal employment taxes, and agreed deductions such as medical, retirement, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Federal rules can be found below. What you are talking about are "for the benefit of the employer" deductions. These maybe can be deducted under federal law only, subject to minimum wage and overtime requirements. You need to take a hard look at the actual rules.

    However state laws can be more restrictive on this then federal law. Your state is not my state and I have no idea what your state's rules are on this.
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      Here is the link on Oregon wage deductions:
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