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  • assistant manager with a bunch of questions Oregon Oregon

    i'm beginning to see all the unfair labor practices that are going on in my company. please tell me which are legal and which are not. the company i work for is a major salon in the pdx area. we have our corporate stores then we also have our franchise stores, just to give a heads up.

    when i first was hired i worked under a franchise. that owner failed to pay my employee taxes so i never got a w-2 form back for my time worked in '06. legal or illegal? and he is now gone and completely mia in boston. who would i have to take this to?

    my first owner sold his store in november to another lady, and he failed to pay certain employees paychecks (due to them bouncing, and him not having any money). is it now her responsibility or his responsibility to pay the paychecks?

    my 2nd owner ended up giving the stores back to our corporate owner after 1 month. they still refuse to pay the employees their paychecks (some were $800-$1200) now that we're back under corporate, who pays the checks now? or are they just a lost cause?

    i'm a salary full-time employee. i do not get paid overtime. according to my boss, to get my salary i must work a minimum of 44 hours a week. last week i worked 56. i wont see a dime of overtime. legal or illegal?

    90% of the time, we're working solo shifts. i work usually 8 hours or more. we dont get breaks to go get food. we dont get time to just sit down and not deal with any customers for a second. granted, there are slow times here where i can jump out for a cigarette, but still. no actual set breaks. i have worked some days open to close which is 14.5 hours, with no breaks. i'd have pizza delivered to the salon just so i can actually eat. legal or illegal?

    we have mandatory meetings within two of our corporate stores (both under one manager) every 2 weeks. we do not get paid for these meetings. and we'll have all corporate meetings about once a month, give or take. we do not get paid for those either. is it really MANDATORY if we do not get paid? legal or illegal?

    my boss, today, threatened to take away my commission for the day for showing up late unless i sell a minimum of $1500. legal or illegal?

    if we put in our 2 weeks notice (or any notice of quitting), we do not get our commission on our last paycheck. is that legal or illegal?

    i signed a non-compete form, stating that since i work for _______ i come into knowledge of certain things that my job has, and i cannot for a minimum of two years go work for another tanning salon competing with mine. i understand switching salons completely, but would that fall under going to work for franchise stores under the same name? i didnt sign a form with my boss.. i signed a form with the salon. same name, same company, different owners. would that non-compete form restrict me from working for franchisees? legal or illegal?

    another commission question... if we do not clock in or out for the day, we're told we'll lose commission for the day. if we do not fax the paperwork at night filled out correctly, we will lose our commission. legal or illegal? pretty much i'd just like to know all the laws associated with a worker's earned commission.

    as a manager, it is assumed that we take responsibilities for our stores. but if we have a day off, and someone cant come to work, are we required to cover that shift? or is anyone required to cover that shift, manager or not? legal or illegal?

    i think that's about all i can think of right now that my employer does wrong. or i think does wrong. please respond and tell me which are ok to do and which are not. thank you!

    andie smith

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    For the W-2 issue, you can use your last paycheck stub, unless you had additional deductions. You can contact the IRS>
    For the bounced checks, contact the department of labor for your state.
    For the unpaid checks from the 2nd owner, contact the department of labor for your state.
    So, you get a salary. What are your job duties? That will determine if you get overtime. Once you answer that question, many of your other questions can be answered. However, you mention that you are a manager, so much of what you have described is probably legal.
    You get salary AND commission?

    Talk to a local attorney about your non-compete.
    Please no private messages about your situation.