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payday falls on weekend in oregon Oregon

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  • payday falls on weekend in oregon Oregon

    I have seen similar questions for other states, but can't find the answer for Oregon. I am an employer of a small business (9 full time employees). I need to know what the law requires regarding paying employees when the payday falls on a weekend or holiday. One of my employees is upset that I paid paychecks on April 2nd, since the 1st fell on Sunday. She says she should have been paid Friday, March 30th. What is the law? Thank you for any advice or help, and if you have a link for me to find answers to other Oregon labor law questions, that would be great!

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    So far as I can tell, you should have established the date of pay in advance and that could not be any more than 35 days after the previous date of pay (!!!!).

    While many employers will set up the pay date to take place on the business day preceeding a holiday or weekend, Oregon does not appear to require that.

    In the future, set up your schedule for dates of pay and review it for dates that fall on weekends or holidays. Make adjustments as you wish, so long as you meet the rather lenient guidelines of Oregon law.

    You will want to take into account when your pay period ends and when you intend to pay.

    For example, if it ends on Thursday and you pay on Monday, but Monday is a holiday, it will be darn near impossible to put money into employee accounts by direct deposit on Friday.
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