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Question about "timely/accurate" paycheck law (OR) Oregon

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  • Question about "timely/accurate" paycheck law (OR) Oregon

    This past summer my former employer made a mistake on my final paycheck, and because of this mysterious state law that I can't seem to find in print, had to pay me additional compensation. Not the problem, obviously.

    The problem is that my current employer has consistently underpaid me three months running. This has been brought to the attention of both my boss and payroll, both of whom said it would be fixed on my next paycheck. It wasn't and now I can't pay my rent.

    So, could anyone provide me with any information regarding the timely and accurate paycheck law--like, does it apply only to the final paycheck, etc?


  • Pattymd
    There is no time frame specified in the law. However, if you are consistently being underpaid and the employer is not correcting it, 3 months is more than long enough. You can file a claim with the state Dept. of Labor.

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