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Disability benefits?? Oregon

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  • Disability benefits?? Oregon

    I need advice on disability benefits and qualifications.

    In a nut shell I sustained an OTB injury to one of my shoulders about 5 years ago. I recently had a 6th surgery and have been told by my Dr that I will not be able to return to work as a police officer.

    I have been on FMLA which will run out in two weeks. I have an attorney who advises to let the FMLA run out and then resign so that I may still be eligible for unemployment. I am a member of PERS and have an application for disability. While at some point I will be able to return to another job with different duties, a different assignment within my department is not possible. I also just found out that I will have to have surgery on the other shoulder for an injury that is not work related. Between the two this will put me out for quite some time.

    My question is if anyone knows what the qualifications are for disablilty, whether it's through PERS or the insurance company through work? Since I can't return to the career I've had for 10 years due to OJB injury, what are my chances of a medical retirement or some sort of compensation until I
    m back on my feet?

    I'm hoping someone has had experience with this and can offer suggestions and pointers.

    Thanks in advance

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    It depends. If this is the result of an on the job injury which is being covered by WC, whether you are under FMLA or not, your time off while disabled would be covered. You need not be employed to collect TTD.

    If, WC is no longer in the game, you would be covered by either a personal disability policy, which may or may not be offered by your employer. The terms and eligibility would be determined by the plan itself. Not having read the plan description, I can't tell you whether you would qualify or not.

    While it is possible that your state/municipality offers STD for public employees, it is unlikely. Most offer disabiilty retirement as an option if you are not able to return to your former job. There is usually a premium if that reason is work related.

    To file for UC, you would need to be actively seeking employment and able to accept suitable employment. It s not a cover for disability.

    Since you have an attorney, I'd suggest discussing these options with him/her.
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