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Different benefit plans within a single company Oregon

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  • Different benefit plans within a single company Oregon

    Is it possible to have different benefit plans within a single company for different positions? Specifically, is it legal to give one group of employees more vacation/sick time than another group of employees in the same company based solely on department/title rather than seniority? If so, are there any consequences to doing this? And where would I find documentation on this specific issue? Thanks.

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    Absolutelt it is legal. The only caveat is that you may not use a legally protected characteristic to determine who gets what benefit. For example you couldn't decide that women get health plan X and 10 days of vacation, while men get plan Y and only 5 days.

    Other than that there isn't a law that says you can offer different benefits to different departments or titles, just an absence of one that says that you can not.
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      Thank you very much. I am wondering how I can prove this to the executive managers at my office. Is there a document I can reference or a branch of the government I can contact? I'm not sure how they got the idea that it was illegal to have different benefit packages for different employees but I need to convince them otherwise.


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        DOL is a good place to start. The problem you may find is that vacation (or PTO) benefits are not addressed by law. While its quite common to receive such benenfits, no law actually mandates it. As such an employer is free to create any policy as it sees fit (with the exception of discriminating practices based on a protected class).

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          Thanks, you've been a big help.