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Temporary help layoffs Oregon

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  • Temporary help layoffs Oregon

    My wife and I are both employed at one of the top 20 public companies in oregon. I am a full time permanent hourly employee and she is a temporary full time employee. She is coming up on 1 year of service with the company, and the company has told her that she will be laid off after 1 year due to labor laws and the fact that the company was not able to offer her permanent employment. I understand that this may be perfectly legal in and of itself, but what I do not understand is the fact that this company has been bringing new temporary help in the door about every other week for the past few months due to incresed need for production. Is it legal for them to cycle temps through their system and lay them off after a year just to replace them with more temps? It seems like this would be some kind of scam to avoid paying temps benefits.
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    There is no law, to my knowledge, that prohibits the employer from continuing to employee a worker past 12 months as a temporary employee. Generally speaking, if they want to "cycle" temporary employees through, they may. However, there may be such a prohibition in either the union contract (assuming there is one), or something that is specific to state public utilities, but in truth, I doubt it.
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