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Veterinarian abuse? Oregon

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  • Veterinarian abuse? Oregon

    My daughter graduated from Veterinary school in May. She is completing a 1 year internship at a Veterinary Equine Clinic in Oregon. Since June she has been forced to work from 8a.m. to 8p.m. in the Clinic, and then go out to the barn to work until midnight or later. Most of the regular "barn" help has quit. She has at least one 30 hour "day" a week, is called to work on weekends when she is not on call. She has not had one lunch break since June -- and there are no breaks of any kind during the day.

    She is so exhausted that she feels she is a threat to her patients.

    Is this legal? Who can she contact?

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    You can find the information you are looking for here

    In a nutshell, while there are meal break requirements for most employees, those that are considered exempt (do not have to receive Overtime) are also exempt from the rule. It is very possible that your daughter qualifies as exempt, though this is determined by her job duties.
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