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    I've been working for a company part time for year, but working from a remote location. A job came up that requires full time employment and being at the work place. I share a home with one of the Officers of this business. In fact there are only 3 Officers and 2 of them are owners. When I was offered this job from the supervisor, I asked the Human Resource Dept and my roommate to find out if there was a no nepotism policy in effect. Both came back with the agreement that there was no known policy. So I took the job. I was capable of performing this job, and discovered many costly mistakes in a couple of weeks that generated back to the company thousands of dollars. My supervisor sang my praises to any who would listen. Unknown to myself after I was offered the job by the supervisor, the President of the company offered the job to someone in the main office. I was to train her for it after they found her replacement. I was told that the President had 'reservations' in hiring me full time. It took about a week and it was finally relayed to me that the President made a decision that 'anyone involved with an officer' could not have full time employment. There are many children & relatives that work for this company, but no spouses. Even though I'm not a spouse, and even dating others, he said it is his opinion that we are a couple. I was disappointed that I thought I had a job but found I'd none. Then I started hearing stories about women in their 50's not getting hired there. There are women over 50 working there, but they got hired 15-20 or so years ago. I'm 52, and not sure if maybe that is the real case. My roommate said there has never been any talk referring to this matter of 'spouses' working for the company at any board meetings nor there is none in the minutes. The person (41 yrs) that replaced me didn't have the skills necessary to perform the job and the company is going to send her to school in hopes that she obtains them. I was fully competent and performed the job for 2 months. My supervisor was quite distraut that they would take a fully capable employee out of a position and put in one who is struggling. When co-workers and my supervisor asked why the President put a person in a position when he normally had never assisted in placing or hiring employee's for positions, he stated "I am the President and I can do what I want" Is this just unfair treatment?

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    Essentially, yes. They are allowed to make a distinction between officers and other managment employees. They are also allowed to take someone out of a position in order to put someone else in. I think given that the person who replaced you is also over 40 and that they have women in their 50's working there, you would have a very hard time making a claim of age discrimination.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.