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Dr's Note Required Oklahoma

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  • Dr's Note Required Oklahoma

    Although I realize it's not illegal to require a doctor's note indicating when the person was seen by the doc and when they can return to work (no diagnosis) for each absence due to illness, can anyone foresee any other nasty little issues such as employer being required to pay for visit, outside of the hassel and punishment factor for those employees who don't abuse the system?
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    Nope, not as long as the company is consistent and requires it of every employee. I think it's petty and unnecessary, though. Are you the employer?
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      Yes, I am the HR Director. I too believe it to be unnessessary and would rather deal with attendance abuse as it occurs instead of implementing all these extra rules that make it hard for those that actually follow them but the owners believe this will be a deterrent. My opinion is if someone who regularly abuses time off, this really won't stop them, they'll just come up with another excuse. Thanks for the response tho. Basically just wanted some backup.


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        From a union member standpoint: tell the employer that people will start taking three days instead of one. The first because they are 'sick' and the other two waiting for a doctors appointment. The employee will tell you that they might be contagious, therefore can't come in till they get that doctors note.

        This should make the employer think twice about instituting the policy.