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Unjust Termination Oklahoma

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  • Unjust Termination Oklahoma

    I was recently terminated from my job of 9 years. I have been unhappy with the pay for quite some time since my boss said he was "unable" to afford a raise I began looking for another job. I actually got a call to interview for a job and on my lunch break I scheduled the interview and went. My co-worker's girlfriend told my boss and he then fired me the following day. Saying he could never make me happy and I was unloyal and he couldn't trust me. I stated my case as to why I was trying to better myself and he still fired me. I have since then filed for unemployment and I am still waiting the outcome on that. Hopefully he won't try to delay the process. I am trying to find out if him firing me was unlawful. I would like to file something against him. Is is this possible! Help

    Desperate in Oklahoma confused:

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    No, this was not an unlawful termination. You have not hit the wrongful termination lottery. You will likely qualify for UI.
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      Nothing at all illegal.
      Perhaps not fair but not against the law. If you were that unhappy, in the long run, you'll be better off.
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        Agree, no illegal termination - you can be terminated at any time for any reason not prohibited by law (ie age, race, gender) unless you have an employment contract or CBA to the contrary. It's just like you could have quit at any time for any reason. It might have seemed unfair but it was not illegal. Read the link provided by Patty re at-will employment.

        You have already filed for unemployment ins. You need to look for other employment if you do not get/take the job you interviewed for. Good luck.
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