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    In connection with our hiring process, we typically obtain an investigative consumer report and in some cases a credit report. It is my understanding that in Oklahoma (as well as other states like Minnesota and California), if the applicant would like to receive a copy of the consumer report, they are entitled to it. Is this something that we have to inform them of their right to the report on the face of the Release when they provide us with their DOB and Driver's License number or is it the applicant's duty to know their rights? We're in the process of updating our Release form and don't know whether to add a check box offering them a copy of their report, should they so desire.

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    The sample release form we got from our vendor had the following below the standard authorization:

    CA, MN & Oklahoma Residents please note: In connection with your application for employment, your consumer report may be obtained and reviewed. Under California, Minnesota and Oklahoma law, you have a right to receive a free copy of your consumer report by checking the appropriate box below.

    ___YES, I am an Oklahoma resident and would like a free copy of my consumer report.

    Employer please note: If a Minnesota or Oklahoma consumer checks "YES" regarding the consumer report...please fax this form to your service center.
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