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Employer deducted min wage previously paid from commission on last paycheck Oklahoma

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  • Employer deducted min wage previously paid from commission on last paycheck Oklahoma

    I am a W-2 employee who works as a loan officer for a Mortgage company. Our agreement was to be paid 30% commission. After working for some time our employer decided that he needed to pay us min wage when we were not due a commission for that pay period. He would then "take back" that min wage on the next commissionable check. I left the company and went to get my last paycheck expecting a $2,000 check and he paid me $159.00 because he said I had owed him $1700 in past hours paid. He also did not pay me on one deal because it did not "close" until 2 days after I left...even though we had a verbal agreement that I would be paid for that deal since I had done all the work on it. I worked very hard for this company and am just sick over this. What can I do?

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    This is maybe complicated. There have been a whole lot of court decisions and DOL settlements to the effect that employees working for mortgage companies could never have legally been paid on a 100% commission. The change your employer made is because the employer legally had no choice.

    Past that, OK is not my state, I have no idea what OK law is on commissions or anything else, and I have not read your contract. I know that there is a 99%+ chance that for any and all workweeks you were due at least minimum wage and paid overtime against MW. I will not say a 100% because sometimes judges get notions and perhaps your employer can come up with a really good excuse that I have not thought of. I know there is a chance that you might be due something else, but this is not something that I can comment on based on what I actually know.

    You can try filing a wage claim with OK DOL, assuming that OK actually was a DOL (yet one more thing that I do not know about OK). Federal DOL will take a MW/OT claim, but not your commission claim. Alternatively, you can try talking to a local attorney, although I can guarentee that the lawyer will want to read this 30% commission contract plus any other supporting documents. It is not impossible to collect against a verbal agreement, but it is much harder to win in court with a verbal agreement then it is with a written agreement. A short consulatation with the local Legal Aid to verify your chances should not be very expensive.
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      Oklahoma DOES have a DOL that will take your claim, OP.
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        Oklahoma commissions are treated the same as ordinary wages that are earned and due.
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