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is there any laws about being on 24 hour call Oklahoma

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  • is there any laws about being on 24 hour call Oklahoma

    I'm a maintance man for two different apartment complexes but owned by the same person.
    Every 2 weeks, Im on call 24 hours a day for a two week period. I have been told on numerous occasions that Im not allowed to leave town in case of emergency. My question is, am I supposed to get paid anything for being on call? It is completly inconvenient for me but I have done it for some time now. A friend of mine believes that there is supposed to be some type of compensation while on call, if it limits you or your lifestyle.
    I could use all the help that I am able to get in this area.
    Thank you,

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    29 CFR 785.17 - On-call time.
    An employee who is required to remain on call on the employer's premises or so close thereto that he cannot use the time effectively for his own purposes is working while ``on call''. An employee who is not required to remain on the employer's premises but is merely required to leave word at his home or with company officials where he may be reached is not working while on call. (Armour & Co. v. Wantock, 323 U.S. 126 (1944); Handler v. Thrasher, 191 F. 2d 120 (C.A. 10, 1951); Walling v. Bank of Waynesboro, Georgia, 61 F. Supp. 384 (S.D. Ga. 1945))
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