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Hazardous Apartment. Oklahoma

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  • Hazardous Apartment. Oklahoma

    I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if i could be fired. If I did not want to clean out an Bio/Hazard apartment. This apartmen has a strong Human Fical smell when you open the door. And I don't have Health Insurance. And the manager Does not CARE!!. I can be replaced she said. I don't want to catch a Virus transmitted by Human Defecation on the floor and walls. So can she fire me if i don't want to risk my healt. Help. Fast.

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    I take it you do some sort of maintenance work for an apartment complex? Yes, you can be fired for refusing to do your job and while the place may stink, you don't have any proof that you're being exposed to anything toxic. If the manager won't provide you with any protective gear, then stop at a store and buy a pair of rubber gloves (so you don't have to touch anything nasty) and a mask to filter out the nasty smell. The gloves and mask won't set you back more than a few dollars.