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Hourly pay plus commisions in Oklahoma

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  • Hourly pay plus commisions in Oklahoma

    Recently I worked for a Telemarketing company in Tulsa. The company pay's and hourly rate plus a commission on sales. The commissions are paid the month after they close. I was only employeed there for 3 months when an opportunity came along that I could not pass up in staffing. I gave my notice, followed all my p's and q's because I didnt want to burn any bridges when I left. Friday I received my final paycheck from the company. My hourly pay was there, but the commissions I had earned from the month before was not. When I asked about this they told me Commissions are only paid out to employees that are currently with the program. My question is can this be legal? For the sales that were still pending I can understand, but for sales that were made, processed, and closed while I was still currently employeed I feel I should be paid.
    Any help would be appriciated!

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    Generally speaking, commission plans that require the individual to be employed at the time they are paid are legal, at least in your state. And, such policies are quite common.
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      Thank you

      Thank you for replying. Now I know why telemarketing has such a bad rep. It doesnt seem fair since the job was completed as far as the sale goes, but as the old saying goes Life's not fair! Thanks again for your help!


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        That method of not paying commissions is not limited to telemarketing.
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