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Maximum hours for exempt employees?

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  • Maximum hours for exempt employees?


    I work for a company in Ohio (where I live), and the company's headquarters are in Illinois.

    I'm technically classified as a manager, but in the past five years have had little to do with hiring or firing. I do technical interviews, but so do other peers that are not managers.

    In the first 4 months of 2005, I worked over 500 hours of overtime, and in the past 12 months, I have over 1000 hours of overtime. Since I am exempt, this has all been unpaid or uncompenstated for. I'm guessing that I've worked about 3500-4000 hours of overtime in the 5 years of my employment with the company - all unpaid.

    I was hired at a salary, but it was clearly specified that my average work week would be 45 hours (verbally communicated). I'm a computer consultant, and I understand that during certain times of a project, extreme hours are needed. However, the last year has been extreme.

    I've asked for some comp. time due to some personal things I need to have done around the house (replace roof, etc.). My request was for this time to not be vacation time since I've already worked so many extra hours this year, and my manager is complaining about it.

    Just wanted to see what options I have - of course leaving the company is one, but I've been here for 5 years.

    Thank you for your time.

    --Frustrated in Ohio!!!!!
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    If your job is properly classified as exempt, there are no circumstances in which you have to be paid overtime or offered any comp time.