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Holiday Pay being reversed

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  • Holiday Pay being reversed

    Hi All!

    I am new here so, please be kind!

    I work in Ohio for a private owned company. The owner has 13 locations with under 50 employees total. I was hired 2 years ago as a receptionist, and running the office. Helping out the main office when two locations lost receptionist,, I went to a different location, and ended up staying.

    When hired, I was given paid holidays, and 40 hour work weeks. Because things had "slowed down" the company was cutting back and reducing the hours for the receptionists. The professional I work with got a new job, was moving on. I recieved a phone call from the owner (no big deal) and the office manager telling me that I would be getting the 40 hrs back--I dont know how legal it was to hire me in at 40 and then reduce the hours at will. . .but I digress

    Got my paycheck today, and did not get the holiday pay. Called and questioned the office manager about this. I was told that because I only worked the day BEFORE the holiday and not the day after (I saved all my hour "lunches" and used them for an extra day off --keeping me at the 35-36 hour work week) that I was not going to recieve the holiday pay. I dont know how right this is, but she called me back about 2 hours later and informed me that "since it was unfair to the other girls, I would not be getting paid holiday pay" any longer. This, after being paid for the holidays for two years now.

    My question is, can they retract the holiday pay, (and cut my 40 hrs at will) when hired was told I would recieve it, as well as the regular work week hours. Do I have a case of discrimination, since not all the girls are working 35 hour work weeks. They are pretty much picking and choosing who is to get the hours--part of my hiring was the holiday pay while the other girls did not think of asking at hiring.

    We are buying a house, and for the time being, I need my job until I can find another one. I am somewhat concerned that if I cause "trouble" by standing up for myself, I will be let go, since Ohio, and my company are At will employers. This company, I may add, does not pay overtime, and tells the girls that any thing over 40 hours is time donated to the company. They dont tell me that, since I have fired back with Ohio says hours worked are hours paid.

    I just feel they are playing fast and loose with laws, and know that most, if not all, do not have any legal back ground. I just need some basic information to take back to the owner of the company, as I dont know if he is aware of what the office manager has said and done today concerning me.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way!


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    Ohio does not prohibit an employer from taking the action that they did
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator