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  • Help with call center job Ohio

    I have some issues that perhaps you could address

    1. We do not get paid for 10min breaks which they compel us to take for some reason.

    2.the HR rep or whoever she is refused to state what her position in the company is when i asked her when attempting to address an issue. Shoiuld there be an HR Rep ? Because it seems there is no way to file complaints.

    3.We are only paid for when we are "prospecting" for calls or are on a call.So if the system goes down for 20 minsor 10 mins., We will not get paid for that time.

    So are there any illegalities here?

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    Forced 10 minute breaks are legal. However under federal law (FLSA), the 10-minute break must paid. Per FSLA, breaks must be at least 20-30 minutes long with no interruptions to be unpaid.

    There is no legal requirement companies have HR reps (or departments) or that they get back to you in timely manner. Or at all.

    Your third question is legally complicated. Per FLSA, "engaged to wait" is paid while "waiting to be engaged" is not. If you are required to remain in the call center, then it is probably paid time. But there is not a bright line test here, but rather one most look at all factors, and then see based on prior court and administrative decisions which side of the paid-line the totality of factors fall on.
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      Thank you for the response