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    I need some help in deciding what to do at my job. I have worked on the same shift for two years. In the back of my mind I have always wondered if my female co worker was seeing my supervisor outside of work. He would let her take 2 hour and 25 minute breaks, come in late and lie on her time sheet, let her leave and come back a couple hours later and lie again on her time sheet and get paid for the entire 12 hour shift. Well about a half hour before the end of the shift I saw her walking around with a white piece of paper folded in half. When I walked in the office to sign out I couldnt find a pen. I went over to the supervisors desk to look and there I found her paper she was carrying around. She is a hispanic woman who speaks perfect fluent English. She had left him a hand written note that was in Spanish and my supervisor speaks English only and knows very little spanish. Right then and there I saw the letter written in spanish laying on his desk and it just looked so inappropiate. It said "Quires que venja a la noche 4 horas." When I got home I looked it up on a Spanish Translation web site and it translated it as saying "Do you want to come over at night for 4 hours?" I verified this with another hispanic worker and he said the translation was correct. Also recently my job duties have changed. I was working out on the floor for almost a year and now all at once the boss has put me back on a line packing bottles. He said he wanted to do this because we have so many new people but I see all he has done is switch me with another worker who is equally capable of doing the job. The female co worker actively hates me for no reason. If she sees me talking to another male worker while I am doing my job she will tell them to move to another area. One day she was making my job alot harder by stacking boxes much higher than necessary I asked the boss if he could have her lower them because it was hurting my back and they were too heavy to push out onto the floor. He said "I can have someone help you to push them." He denied my simple request because of her. Everything that has actually occured on my shift I believe is because of her telling my boss what to do. I feel like I need to say something to HR about the hand written letter in spanish on his desk. She wrote it in spanish because she didnt want anyone to know what she was asking him. She figured everyone spoke only English. But she forgot to realise I can still look it up or ask someone. I am mad because they both think they have everyone fooled. As long as she is on my shift she will have first say on everything. Do I tell, or do I find another job or could I request a transfer? Also I am afraid my boss knows I am on to him because I left early when I last worked and he knows that letter was on his desk. What if he trys to make my life difficult and try to get me to quit? I need some help.

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    It's really hard to read that huge block o' text.

    But what I got was that you saw something on your boss' desk and you read it, even though it was not to or from you. Then you pursued a translation, talked to other people about it, and you didn't like what you found out. And you're complaining that she gets preferential treatment because of what you think is some type of relationship, even though you don't know that for sure and you're guessing because of what you found out by being nosy.

    My advice is to mind your own business and do your job as assigned.
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      And even if you are 100% correct, there are no laws being violated here.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.