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Employer asking you to drive a vehicle with expired tags. Ohio

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  • Employer asking you to drive a vehicle with expired tags. Ohio

    I have been employed at the company i work with for 3 years. I was promoted a little over 1 year ago to a position that requires me to goto peoples houses in a company vehicle to do work. Within the last 6 months the job has been converted from a computer technician position to a TV delivery person. In addition they provided another vehicle for me to drive in february I discovered that the vehicle has had expired tags. I report this to my supervisor. A week later no result other than I'm looking into that. Or that the tags are located at yet another store. I go to pick up these tags and no one at this location has a clue about them. In fact instead of that vehicles tags and registration they give me registration for entirely different brand of vehicle. I gave them back saying that they would not work. I later that month escalated the event from my supervisor to the store director. Once again I'm placed on the back burner with no information about these tags. So I escalate again to the Regional manager over the technicians. He stated they were at the store I already attempted to pick them up from. I attempt again to pickup these tags from this store and again no tags or registration. I have since given the store director a message stating that I am in fact seeking new employment and would like this issue resolved as well as other safety concerns. When I presented this to him he brought up disputes with other associates where I had not followed guidelines etc. I feel that he was retaliating back from my responses. It has been 3 weeks since I gave this manager that notice, I also have volunteered for other positions I am qualified for when they arrise and have been turned down stating that they need me in this position I am in. I think my last resort is to place in my resignation.

    Any advice?
    Any suggestions?
    Any information?

    please thank you.

    If you would like more details I can provide as well.

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    I doubt that you will be cited should you be pulled over for driving a company vehicle that is not currently registered. The company should be on the hook for the fine.

    I could see the company not considering you for other jobs, given that you told them you were looking elsewhere.
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      If I quit would I be capable of receiving unemployment compensation.


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        It is always an uphill battle to receive unemployment if you quit. While only the state can give you a carved in stone answer, the standard to quit and still receive benefits is very high and I sincerely doubt that your situation would qualify.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.