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  • hostile work place Ohio

    Is my situation considered hostile? What can I do? Lawyer?

    I have health issues so my time at work over the last 2 yrs has not been consistent. 2 yrs ago I had returned from surgery. It was made known to me that a co-worker and my mngr had a plot to try to get rid of me. (Neither of these people works w/ me any longer.) My hours were changed etc. I lived through it. The health issues came after surgery. My absence made another co-worker so hostile I was shoved by them. This person lives by me so it is easy for them to see my car. But they mentioned that they were aware when I was not home and "supposed to be" sick. Scary! I did go to HR. They were "written up". This person still works with me. We act okay.

    Keep in mind that I have never been written up and meet my goals.

    So I have another manager now. My health is still an issue. I had a family emergency. I arranged my time off as well as I could. Something else came up w/i this time. I called to ask the mngr about it. I was screamed at "YOU SAID YOU'D WORK!" Also when I can help out I do. Ex (coming in on vacation to make sure things are taken care of, working w/o being asked when coverage is needed) When am not at work typically it is a slower time so no one is effected.

    Again never been written up! When I miss work it affects no one but me.

    Yesterday I doubled over in pain- crying-hard. I went to the office no concern what so ever. Called to make sure I could see the Dr. Let them know I could. They had their back to me and "OK" did not even turn around and look at me. I called later to let them know I had to go in for a test the nxt day. "So your not coming in" very sarcastic. So I have time off with the wknd after missing b/c of my issue. the response, again, sarcastic, "have a great wknd!" Me, uh, ok..... I am just as frustrated by my life being disrupted by health issues as they are. So for last 2 1/2 yrs I have worked being afraid of everything. Will schedule be rearranged? Am I going to come in and find my things in a box?

    What to do?

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    While I'm sure it is very unpleasant, this is not a hostile work environment as defined by law.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Originally posted by cbg View Post
      While I'm sure it is very unpleasant, this is not a hostile work environment as defined by law.
      Thanks very much!


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        Originally posted by joec
        At this point not a lot you can do except keep a record of your work,and any adverse comments. If an adverse employment action take the note book to an attorney for consultation. You can contact an attorney now,for advice. All to often attorneys wish employees would have taken counsel prior to being terminated than after.
        Thank you! What would be the best way to find an attorney for this type of situation? This a multimillion $ corporation I work for. In addition to my personal issues there is someone w/i the work place that also steals and snorts pain killers in the bathroom...then blows out the stuck snot on to the bathroom mirror, counter, wall etc... oh if you go into overtime they change the clockings so you do not get it. The next week we are given out base pay. I really do not know how it would work anyway since some of us are commision employees.