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Contacting my employer Ohio

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  • Contacting my employer Ohio

    Alright, scenario is this:

    I'm gainfully employed at a local company. I was approached by, interviewed with, and am up for consideration for a position at another local company, with whom we have contractual arrangements for service. My supervisor calls me into a meeting last week to tell me he's aware I have been meeting about another job. He claims he heard about it through our contacts at the prospective location.

    I did not give permission for my current employer to be contacted by the prospective one. I feel that if I do not get the available position, my existing job my be jeopardized. As it is now looking like the prospective job may not go to me (they want a clinician, which I am not), I now want to know my legal options.


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    It was not illegal for your prospective employer to contact your current employer, whether you asked him to or not; he is not legally bound by your wishes.

    Legal options? None that I can see.
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