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required number of people in a work place? Ohio

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  • required number of people in a work place? Ohio

    here is my situation.. i work in a paint shop where i do production painting where i work alone about %90 of the time i mean im the only one in the building because everyone else is in another plant down the street from me...ive been doing this for almost 13 yrs now......i can go hours without a phone call or someone evening coming in.........heck i can go the whole day with out either though rare it has biggest concern is what if got hurt ? i could lay there for hrs before anyone would there a law regulating the number of people that should be in my type of enviroment?thanks in advance.....

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    There's no law against this that I know of. Do you have a cell phone on you that you could use to call for help if necessary?
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      Betty3 is correct. However, it certainly would be prudent of the employer to check with you periodically. Or at least have you check in periodically by phone. After all, how would they even be sure you were actually there?
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