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Paycheck not received on payday

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  • Paycheck not received on payday

    I was wondering if there was a law against this. Our paychecks were being mailed to our home addresses and they did not arrive on time. My boss will not issue us a check today to replace our missing paychecks and told us we will have to just wait until we receive them in the mail. Am I not entitled to get my paycheck on my assigned payday????

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    Generally speaking, employers may pay wages through registered mail but the wages should be received by the employee not later than the payday.

    I'm sure you rely on the money but if it's literally in the mail then I'm not too sure it's worth all the trouble to pursue something if you'll have it in a few days. Get back to us if you don't get it.


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      Is there a reason why checks are not distributed to the employees on pay day? Are you at a remote location? Does the employer offer direct deposit?
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