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vacation pay disbursment North Carolina

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  • vacation pay disbursment North Carolina

    The company I work for notified us that beginning now, our vacation pay disbursement will change. This is something I have never heard.
    Here's how they will do it. You take a week off in Feb (for which you have vacation time) and instead of getting your regular check, they will give you payment for you week off in Feb on the date of your employment anniversary, which in my case isn't until November.
    I think this is insane. I can also see the writing on the wall that this company, unless they get busy soon, may not make it until November.
    Have you ever heard of such a policy and is it legal to do it that way?
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    Generally speaking, it isn't illegal. But I agree that the writing appears to be on the wall regarding this company being not long for the world.
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