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Withholding final paycheck - New York New York

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  • Withholding final paycheck - New York New York

    My company is based here in New York, but I've worked for them from my home in Texas for the last three years. I recently moved to the city, for personal reasons, and the company does not have a job for me here so I've resigned. However, the owner and CEO is not releasing my final paycheck, and hasn't for three weeks now (we receive payroll weekly). I have email correspondence where I have asked to be notified of the status, and where the president has responded that he will contact the accountant and get back to me. Today marks the 3rd payday that my check has not been deposited. My only thought is that they know it might not be worth it for me to get a lawyer and ask demand it, because it wouldn't be worth it for me, so they aren't paying it. Can someone lead me in the right direction for a low cost option?

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