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Need quidance New York Resident ALIEN - L1 worker --> New York

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  • Need quidance New York Resident ALIEN - L1 worker --> New York

    Hi Everyone !

    I am US-Resident alien with L1 Visa working (NY) for last 3 years. Recently after disclosing of my oral but correct plan of resigning after 6 months from now to my boss he starting presurring me on job output and forcing to do more work. I am residing with my family in USA now and intends to go back after school completes for kids.

    My contract has termination/resignation clause with no advance notice.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Is email communication with company owner legal ?
    2. I have almost 20 days of 2010 vacation days pending, if i resign, Do the company legally binded to pay me the vacation dues as settlement ?.
    3. On resigning with 15 days notice, How many additional days to last day of office can I stay in USA?.
    4. If the owner does not pay me the last salary on due date, whom should i contact ?
    5. If the owner creates harrasement such as yelling, using indecent words, can I call 911 and will they help ?
    6. In case to contacting Labor office, what are the contact details and how will they help ?

    Please response, as your response will help me to take steps under US legal system.
    Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation of showing direction.
    Best Regards
    Questions # 1
    Questions # 2
    Questions # 3
    Questions # 4
    Questions # 5
    Questions # 6

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    Your questions do not all support yes/no answers.

    1.) Yes. That's why e-mail exists.
    2.) In NY, that depends on company policy. If a written company policy says that the time will be forfeited, then it's forfeited. If no such policies exist, then any earned but unused portion is payable to you at termination.
    3.) I believe you have ten days after the last day you actually work but confirm that with an immigration attorney. BTW, your employer is not legally obligated to allow you to work out your notice.
    4.) The NY DOL
    5.) What you describe is not an emergency for 911.
    6.) You can google the contact information as easily as I can.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.