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Labor Law/Medical/Addiction? New York

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    Das ist in der Doktor!

    So I am in a catch 22 here: If I come off the medicine I loose the job due to the tremors my current doctor prescibes only inderol due to the fact I had an issue with the hydrocodone which doesn't work for me,) if I stay on the medicine I lose the job because they think I have a drug problem and will find reason to fire me eventually.
    I take about 4-6 tabs a day and I do suffer from w/d if I stop abruptly. However it's not bad enough that I cannot get through it.
    No, in honest: I am not taking them via a prescription
    As a recovering alcoholic and addict,
    what I’m seeing here is denial and justification for taking 4-6 pills a day of a medication that does not work of which you had issues and is NOT prescribed by your current doctor.

    I'm sorry, but along with everything else…
    You DO have a drug problem
    Which is how your employer of only 30 days of could see it as such, and fire you on the spot
    You're skateing on thin ice

    ~ We’re sorry, but the position of God has been filled.
    There is however a job for an @sshole.
    I applied but was turned down,
    …over qualified
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