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Laid Off - can I collect UI? New York

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  • Laid Off - can I collect UI? New York

    I was laid off last Tuesday from a large non-profit. I've been there for 6 years. Our small non profit merged w/ this company in 6/08, at the time my position was at a small outdoor ed center across town. In April 09 I asked for a tranfer to the (new) campus because of the hostile working conditons (but there was no position) Last June the Ed Cntr was loosing money and I was temporarily transferred to main campus. While there I was questioned about the expenses and office procedures of my 3 directors. I was privy to cover ups, padded expense reports, & sexual harrassment charges. On further investigation the exec dir was fired, but the 2 other dir remained. I was sent back where harassment continued, (I was given no work, than written up for not doing work etc.) Because I spoke up, I was (temporarliy) transferred back to the main campus filling in for a deceased employee (Jan10 to present). The Ed Center was making money so they asked me to go back to my (hostile) director, I said I would work for anyone else but not her. They offered me another position in an office in the middle of a parking lot with no bathroom. Rather than disclose a medical condition that I need a restroom nearby, I said I preferred to stay put. I did not turn down the jobs. Tuesday I was called in to HR, the document they handed me said I refused both jobs and I was being laid off. I don't make a lot of money and I have put up with so much crap for the past two years, I've been jerked around to every department, where each supervisor has said my work was excellent, I've stuck it because I get benefits for my disabled son...I'm so angry and sad.

    Any insights would be wonderful, thank you in advance.

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    File and find out. If you had disclosed your medical condition and requested an accommodation under the ADA, you might have been in better shape now regarding UI. You DID refuse a job; "I won't work for her". You have nothing to lose by filing.
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