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Assaulted at work. What do I need to know? New York

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  • Assaulted at work. What do I need to know? New York

    I've worked for a nationwide retailer for 5 years. I am employed in NY state. I am on good terms with management team (which I'm a small part of) and all the employees. My job was easy(ish), and sometimes even fun. I have little complaint that goes beyond corporate hullabaloo. My official status is part-time.

    On the morning of January 14th, 2010, I was working my 8.5 hour shift, the first 4 hours of which I am the only staff in the store.

    An armed man came in the store to rob the place, and to ensure my cooperation he tightened a large plastic zip tie around my neck and suffocated me while I emptied the cash registers. Lucky for me, he painfully released the zip tie with a broken pair of scissors from the stores counter before he fled.

    I sustained no lasting injuries, expect severe tissue damage, which will definately heal in time. I am however very unnerved, to say the least.

    I will not be returning to my position in the very near future, and am uncertain if I will return at all. However, in order to protect my families health and happiness, I need to know all my rights regarding workers compensation, or SSD. I have spoken with my district manager, and he had no details for me, or even how the corporation will classify this incident, possibly stifling my eligibility for such benefits.

    I also wish to know what actions I should take on my own behalf to ensure I am protecting my rights, instead of waiting around for the corporation to take action.

    I visited the NYSDOL website, but almost all links regarding specific laws are inaccessible.

    The store also has no panic button. There is an alarm pad in plain view of the entire store and the only wait to activate any panic mode is to key in your alarm code backwards.

    I am also wondering if there are any laws regarding safety practices in retail for companies with 10,000+ employees, operating in NY.

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    I don't know about your industry, so I can't answer the safety issues.

    First of all, I'm assuming this was reported to the police.
    Did you file a Work Comp report for your injuries?
    Will you need to be off for any length of time?
    Does your employer offer an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for help in dealing with the trauma?

    How scary for you. Glad you weren't hurt any more than you were.
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