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  • Record keeping New York

    NYS - I have recently taken over our HR department and while going through several personnel files, we are missing I-9's for employees. I know that for record keeping purposes the I-9's are supposed to be kept seperate, but since they are missing, do I just have those missing complete new ones and sign them as of the date they are completed?

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    Sure. Any effort to stay in compliance with the law is better then no effort. You can always attach a note saying that you ran an internal audit, could not find the original and requested a replacement from the employee as a good faith effort to stay in compliance. Not losing the original would be best, but we play the hand we are dealt.

    Also, agreed on separately filing these things. I have found that separate alpha folders or binders work well. Then annually self audit. Run a report from your HRIS system on just who you should have forms on. Also review the documents to make sure that they are legally completed. Then if/when ICE shows up, you can just give the I-9 forms to them for review without giving them unrestricted access to the rest of the personnel files. Do exactly what the law says. No more. No less.
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