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Denied Unemployment Benefits because of $70 dollars New York

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  • Denied Unemployment Benefits because of $70 dollars New York

    recently filed for New York State Unemployment and was denied because I didn't make $70 dollars in one of my other calender quarters that wasn't my highest paid quarter. It really sucks being denied because of $70!

    The thing is I've worked as a promoter for my friends promoting company in one of those quarters and made about $250 dollars in the month of June and this money would qualify me for unemployment.

    I still have the personal checks written out to me. The promoting company I don't believe is a registered company, but they have their own website, future events and past.

    Is there any way I can appeal this decision and make myself unemployment eligible?

    ALSO, is unemployment based on PAY PERIOD or the day you actually received your check? Because if it's pay period, I easily qualify, but since my job paid me 10 days late, my pay date goes into different calender quarters, which really hurts my eligibility.

    Please help, thank you. There must be something i can do for 70 dollars!

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    The problem is that amounts earned as an independent contractor (which it sounds as if you were) are not reportable wages for UI purposes.

    UI wages are reported by the employer in the calendar quarter in which they are paid.
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