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Denied Unemployment New York

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  • Denied Unemployment New York

    I need some advice. I worked for 5 months and 2 weeks and then I was laid off. I applied for unemployment and was denied stating that I did not work and earn wages in at least two calendar quarters and my total base period wages (1920.00)are below 1 1/2 times my highest quarter wages (8874.00). Is there a way to appeal this? I really need unemployment benefits.

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    Unless you have other income, I doubt you have any grounds for appeal. This isnt really a judgement call. You either have the minimum income for the number of quarters or you dont.
    I dont think theres much we can say to help.
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      Agree with Morgana. If you don't have the requisite quarters of employment and wages in the base year, you don't qualify. There is nothing to appeal.
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