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Collecting unemployment / sometimes does 1099 freelance New York

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  • Collecting unemployment / sometimes does 1099 freelance New York


    Earlier this year I was laid off from my full-time W-2 type job. After my severance ran out, I filed for unemployment.

    Here's where I need some advice. A few days here or a week there I will do some freelance from home (via 1099 pay, which gets billed monthly), but most of the time I am not working The days/weeks that I do some work, I am honest and DO NOT claim unemployment benefits for those days.

    I want to know if there is something I should be doing to protect myself from being asked to return any of my unemployment. Since the unemployment office doesnt know when I earned that money (since I assume 1099 earnings are only reported a few times a year).


  • Pattymd
    You're doing what you have to. Report your 1099 earnings per week when you file your continuing claims. If the amount is such that your benefit is reduced or not payable for a specific week, so be it. You've complied with your responsibilities.

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