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Issues at work New York

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  • Issues at work New York

    I found a job in April of this past year after being on unemployment for 3 months. I was hired as a mon-fri position and since being there they have changed my schedule 4 times,one of the supervisors constantly belittles the employees by calling them fat-a$$ and derogatory name for female body part, embarrasses them in front of clients, screams and yells at them and calls them all kinds of names (some not pretty at all). I am thinking about quitting this job and getting out of there as everyone else is jumping ship now and this guys supervisor will not acknowledge that there is a problem with this guy. I have even been called a b***h with an attitude in front of clients. Really sick of all of this crap and think it is just easier to get out now but wondering how unemployment would view this. Any suggestions?
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