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not be paid minium wage in New York

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  • not be paid minium wage in New York

    I work for a big company as a sales associate I get a base pay of $ 6.00/hr plus comission at 1-2%. I sell work-out equipment who's pricies range from $20.00-$2,000.00, nothing is selling. I spoke to one of the managers in the store looking for another position and she stated that i can work in the shoe dept and make $ 3.50/hr plus comission or if you don't sale anything then you would recieve minium wage for those hours. First off I want to know if the company can pay under minium wage to an employee thats makes comission and if they have to pay at least minium wages can I file a civil lawsuit aganist the company ?

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    Assuming we are talking about an Inside Sales position, one who sells from inside a store, then there are legally two different posibilities.
    - Follow "normal" minimum wage and overtime laws.
    - Follow the Retail and Service Establishment exceptions.
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