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Withheld Incentive/Commission Pay New York

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  • Withheld Incentive/Commission Pay New York

    Hello all,

    Allow me to explain the situation a bit.

    My company uses Visa Debit/Credit cards to distribute their Incentives, Commisions and Bonuses. The employee is supposed to recieve their card after sucessfully completing their 90 day review period.

    Now, I've never received mine, and I've worked for this company for over 9 months now. Other employees that started the same day as I have long since received their card. I've communicated with my supervisor and my HR director several times, and each time I've been given the run-around. Once it was they are only issued quarterly (I've been here 3 quarters, and I know that is false anyway) another is that there was just a delay with some peoples card due to address issues (everything else makes it to me just fine, and a 9 month delay??)

    The kicker here is that I've been TAXED for everything that has been added to this card. Every time I get an incentive or bonus I get a corresponding paystub showing the amount paid to the card, and the federal and state taxes withheld. Yet I am being denied access to the monies I've been taxed for!

    Please advise me as to what my rights are in this regard in New York State,

    Thanks in advance,

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    File a wage claim NY DOL or talk to a lawyer.
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