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Sales commision chargeback and taxes

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  • Sales commision chargeback and taxes

    I work for a an electronic home security business. We are a dealer for a national company. For a sale to be completed, the national company has a three year agreement (contract) and requires a credit check, 650 or better is "A" credit...600 or better is a "B" credit....under 600 requires 18 months down.

    When a customer defaults on the agreement, the sales commision that was originally paid when the job was sold, is then taken back out of the next recent paychecks 100%. This occurs if defaulting is under 18 months of the agreement (contract).

    Since I didn't sign a contract, can my employer do this legally? I thought the purpose of the credit check was to show credit worthiness?

    If it is legal, why are my taxes not refunded to me by my employer...I had taxes taken out of my paycheck with the original sale.

    The national company owns the agreement (the agreement between the company and dealer says the national company owns the agreement)...why can't I try to collect the sale commision that was given to me and then taken back through the use of collections?

    I hope I gave enough information to help to solve the questions that I have. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you for your time in this matter.