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girlfriend being overworked and mis-treated at work in new mexico

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  • girlfriend being overworked and mis-treated at work in new mexico

    here's the story... (i'm in new mexico by the way)

    My girlfriend just got promoted to a assistant managers position at a dollar store of types. (yea i know it isn't great but hey it helps pay the bills.) lately she has been left to open and work a decently large store by herself, many times she is left to close the store without any help and on some occasions is at the store for 12 hours. the having to close issue is a very sensetive one to me considering the nieghborhood she working in even the cops are reluctant to come into. she has a 1/2 hour lunch but is told she cannot leave the store property to get something to eat. she very rarely is allowed a break and basically slaves away at work all day. she has tried discussing these issues with upper management but they told her that she was out of control and they would discuss it more when she calmed down. i know for a fact that she couldn't of been to out of control. shes always cool, calm, collected and very diplomatic. she has repeatedly put in for transfers to other stores (even if she has to down grade in position) but is denied and told that she HAS to stay at that particular store. and i'm sure there's more she's not telling me because she doesn't want me to fly of in a rage at her employers.

    Sorry if this was a little bit of a rant ... i'm just really frustrated with the circumstances at hand


    thanks in advance for any help that anyone here can offer
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    As long as she is getting the pay required (you didn't mention that, so I assume she is), there really is no legal violation here that I can see. I agree it is poor management not to try to rectify the situation, but I understand it, this type of long hours and work environment are common for this industry. It appears nothing is going to change, so it may be time to look for another position for her.

    May I also suggest you remove the company name from your post for her protection. And you stay away from the employer; that won't help her.
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