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Fired for "unprofessional conduct and actions"..can I collect in NJ ? New Jersey

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  • Fired for "unprofessional conduct and actions"..can I collect in NJ ? New Jersey

    Hi guys. I wanted to bounce this off some folks here. I was recently terminated from my company after being there for 7 years for what they deemed "unprofessional conduct." I had a dispute with a co-worker and she blew it out of proportion and I guess talked badly about me.

    The employer never mentioned what the specific conduct was and I was let go. I was not performing poorly at my job and received no prior warning of any behavior or performance issues. I feel it was a bogus reason I was fired but I would not want to go back there.

    I was asked to sign a GENERAL RELEASE so I could get severance but I am afraid they will contest my unemployment and that I will have no recourse if I sign.
    A) Can they dispute my unemployment claim?
    b) If I sign the general release letter and they dispute my unemployment, will I have legal recourse to try to get my unemployment ?

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

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    Typically you can't sign away your right to file for UC. However, not having read the release, it is impossible for anyone here to guess what you are agreeing to. For that you need to take it to a lawyer to review.
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