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17 will be 18 in 4 and 1/2 months

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  • 17 will be 18 in 4 and 1/2 months

    OK I am 19 and I am dating a guy that is 17 he will be 18 october 19, 2006 his grandmother has legal guardianship over him. he has a 15 yr old sister who has ruynaway numerous times. till eventually there gma on their moms side took custody of her. . before i came into his life he had a serious depression problem and he cut is wrists. he would never report her for mental abuse because his grandfather was there and very sick. his grandfater went into the hospital sometime before last bf left home and came to georgia on october 27, 2005. she reported him as a runaway. he talked with her and secided to go home beacuse his grandfater got really sick and they didn't think that he was going to make it. his grandfather passed away on 1/25/06 on 1/28/06 him and i returned to his grandmothers in las vegas.i lived in the home with my bf and his gma from 1/28/06 till 4/25/06 she did nothing but cuss him and talk down to him and make his life terrible. she had never met me till then and never met my family as of today but she talked about my family like they were trash called me all kinds of thing. told him he was nothing but a problem to her and that he was nothing but a stubborn ******* like his grandfather. so on 4/25/06 we left and came back to georgia again she reported him as a runaway. an officer came to my house and picked him up on 5/01/06. he is in our ydc-youth detention center as i speak. i don't know the laws of georgia nor do i know the laws of neveda but i do know this

    Missing juveniles are classified as voluntary, abducted by parent, abducted by stranger, or cause of disappearance unknown.

    A Runaway child is considered by to be a voluntary missing juvenile.

    A runaway child is always 'at risk" and demands prompt attention by law enforcement. Therefore, Police are empowered under the law to take a runaway child into "protective custody," but the child CANNOT be placed into a lockdown facility or juvenile detention center. Being a runaway is NOT A CRIME - only a "status offense."

    When police find a runaway child, they can take the child home or to the nearest runaway youth shelter. The runaway shelter in Clark County is WESTCARE YOUTH CENTER at 401 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard (385-2020).

    Police CANNOT make a "forced entry' into a private home to recover a runaway child, unless the child is in danger or life-threatening situation. Police, however, can assist parents when a runaway is uncooperative or there is a risk of violence.

    that is straight from a lasvegas juvenile detective. i really need some guidance here i know that he wants to get emancipated here i don't know any laws about if you can help please contact me at [email protected] he has only got till 10/19/06 then he is 18.

    as far as him proving that she causes emotional abuse what does he need to do
    she comes in the house yelling i quote "my ***** is tired to his name "
    she tell him i quote you are nothing but a problem you make me wanna go stand in the road and let a car hit me
    you are just like your father and mother you have no hope in life"
    my bf has went through so terrible things and he refuses to stay there their neighbors helped us leave with out her knowing and told me that he was better off away from her his teachers from high school told him he was better off since he met me. he has gained weight and he doesn't wear the solid balck all the time anymore all his friends and friends parents said that he is doing alot better and stuff i just don't know what he should try to do.

    the whole time i was there she called me a fat lazy ***** and told me that my mother was nothing but a drug ***** my gma was nothing but a stupid ***** talked horrible about my family and then slapped the covers out of my hands while i was trying to fold them for her she told me and my bf needed to be with some one who loved him would yell all these things about me to him right infront of me i never raised my voice at her nor said anything but yes mam and no mam they fight like crazy. she makes him fill like his grandfathers death was his fault. tells him that nothing but his d*ck and my p*ssy works in that house and that he should just go f*** me it was terrible

    his younger sister is 15 and living with a 35 year old guy and she doesn't do much of anything and she used to yell sexual obesinities at her when she was 8 yrs old she would tell her that she like nothing but black d*ck between her legs and then one time she won 3rd place at the science fair and she can home 30 min late and she accused her of being out sleeping with any and all black guys she couls name

    these kids have been though a lot there dad is in prison for rape and there mom is out on the streets with drugs.

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    If you are 19 years old, you are old enough to read.

    Do you see at the top of the page where it says this forum is for labor and employment law questions? Does your question have anything to do with labor and employment law issues? Do you see any other questions about dating on this forum? About runaways? What made you think this was an appropriate place to ask your question?

    Take it to the family law forum. We're not interested.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.