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Drive Time (Public Works) Arizona

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  • Drive Time (Public Works) Arizona

    In regards to drive time, I am a Electrical Contractor in the State of Nevada and Arizona. In both Nevada and Arizona the Zone Rate listed in the contract documents and specifications in this instance are the same. Please clarify the following example. A Electrician-Wireman has a wage of $42.94 per hour and is "physically on the project" for 8 hours per day. He also drives 80 miles per day from home to job-site (40 miles) and from job-site to home ( 40 miles). He is provided this transportation and fuel by myself (employer). The specification book reads as follows: In addition to ELECTRICIAN-Wireman rates add the applicable amounts per hour, calculated based on a radius from City Hall of Las Vegas. Zone1- 0 to 25 miles 0.00 Zone2- 25 miles and over $1.50 The employee has listed on his time card his base wage of $42.94 per hour and hours as 8 hrs per day (on job) with 2 hours of drive time. How would I pay this individual for his "workday"? Does this Zone Rate start when this individual leaves his house and drives to job or does it apply if he first comes to the office then has to drive these miles to the jobsite? Should there be overtime paid? Also would there be any other fringe benefits. I have checked and have not found any. Please Help!
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