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Senior employee suspended for no cause

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  • Senior employee suspended for no cause

    When you get suspended for 10 days at no fault of your own, only that the GM is investigating your position elimination and or realignment. Do you get
    paid for these 10 days or not. Your job was filled the next morning by an
    employee 45 years younger than you.

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    Are you an exempt employee or a non-exempt employee?


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      Senior Suspended for no cause

      I am an exempt employee. On Salary


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        Then you need to be paid your regular weekly salary except under the following conditions:

        Absences for a full day or more for personal reasons, not including illness or injury.

        Absences for a full day or more due to illness or injury, in accordance with a bona fide plan, policy, or practice of providing compensation for loss of salary due to illness or injury.

        Unpaid leave in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act.

        Any workweek in which no work is performed.

        Discipline for major safety rule infractions.

        Unpaid disciplinary suspensions of one or more days imposed in good faith for workplace conduct rule violations

        Or in any weeks in which you do not work at all. So if the ten day suspension was two full work weeks (Monday - Friday), then you need not be paid. If you were suspended, for example, from Wednesday until the Thursday two weeks later, then you must be paid for the first week and the third week in full but not the middle week in which you did not work at all.


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          employee suspension question

          If an Exempt employee is suspended. Do they have to be notified in writing that it's without pay and for disiplinary action?


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            In the future, please start a new thread, even though your question is somewhat related, rather than adding to an ancient one.

            But, no, there is no requirement that it be in writing. But it would certainly be a good idea.
            I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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              Sorry, I was just using the "search" button first.