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Required to be on site without pay Nevada

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  • Required to be on site without pay Nevada

    My workplace has two sites that are roughly 70 miles away from one another. I drive my personal vehicle to the first site at 6am(which is about 15 minutes from my house), pick up a company vehicle, drive the vehicle to one of our warehouses (on the same site) the vehicle is then sometimes loaded with equipment that needs to go to the second site (not by me), then I drive out to the second site and get there by 7am which is the start of my paid workday.

    1) My boss argues that because I don't physically load the equipment into the van that I should not be paid for this time

    2) I have to be at the first site at 6am, I have been told that if I do not show up I will be reprimanded

    3) I have asked to simply drive to the second site in my personal vehicle and was denied

    Q? Can my boss dictate what I do before the start of my workday without paying me?

    Q? Can I be required to be somewhere and not get paid for it?

    Q? Since I am transporting equipment is that considered work?

    Q? Where can I find the laws to support this?

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    If you are required to be at Site 1 at XX time to pick up the company vehicle, then from that time forward is work time for which you must be paid.

    You can file a claim for unpaid wages with the state Labor Commissioner's office.
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