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  • Help in Las Vegas NV Nevada

    I am currently working part time for a company while finishing school. I was hired to work 4-5 hours in the morning on tuesdays-saturdays. However, my supervisor regularly calls me in the afternoon and on my weekends asking me about the weekly operation. This past weekend, she contacted me on Sunday at about 10 AM and required that I draw up a statement about the weekly operations on my personal computer and email it to her. I attempted to explain to her that I was out with my family and would not be home until late at night, and she told me that it HAD to be done by 8 PM. I shortened my plans with my family in order to complete the deadline, and then she contacted me again at 10PM telling me to check my email. I have never been paid for time spent on the phone with my supervisor, and was told that I would not be paid for time spent drawing up the statement either. My first question is, can they call me on my scheduled day off and require that I complete work with no notice. My second question is, aren't they required to pay me for any required work, and does this include time spent on the phone? Thanks for your help

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    1. Yes, because there is no law that says they can't.

    2. You must be paid for time spent on the phone discussing business, preparing reports, etc., assuming you are nonexempt (generally speaking, paid on an hourly basis).
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