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Missing Compensation in Previous checks Nevada

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  • Missing Compensation in Previous checks Nevada

    Hopefully someone can help me. I was working as a server for a restaurant before the doors were locked for non-payment of rent. We (Myself and 4 other employees) had not been paid for work for a about 4 weeks. I filed with Labor commission claim. Today I received a check but it was missing days. Also the last check that I had was for pay period ending March 29, and the one that I got today was starting pay period April 2-15. The owners do no live here in Vegas. One lives in NY and the other in Indonesia. They own several restaurants in New York and Indonesia, so I know they have the money. I want to know what can be done to prevent them from doing this to others and what recourse the employees and I have. Since we were paid late while they kept the money and the paycheck is missing money owed. Hope that made sense. Thanks for any help.

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    If your original claim with the Labor Commission included the pay periods for which you recently received checks, get in contact with them again and tell them you received some payment, but not all. If not, file a new claim and let them know where to find the NY owner.
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      Thank You.