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do i have rights

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  • do i have rights

    being accused of telling offensive jokes by someone who tells offensive jokes , showed up at work to find out im suspended pending investigation ,they will not tell me who is acusing me ,all they have asked is have i ever told a racial ,sexual or any jokes at work ,ive been with the company 15 years with a clean record,it was easy to figure out who made the complaint ,any way this person started the jokes, their jokes are more offensive than mine ,and if you were truly offended enough to file a harrasment claim would you ask the person you are acussing if they wanted to rent your home. i feel i have been set up .what rights do i have if any.

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    You have the right to cooperate with investigation and give a statement to your side of facts. If you have indeed made comments/jokes you could be fired. Fact other(s) have done same have nothing to do with you.


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      mr panther

      let me get this straight you say **** i reply poop ,and next thing you know im canned because you were offended . sorry thats not harrasment mr panther,as far as being fired i live in right to work state i relize i can be fired at any time for any reason ,my concern is reputation and of course my job.


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        If you dont lke my answer wait for another. I dont expect you will hear much different


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          I agree with panther. I also believe you mean at-will employment state & not right to work. Right to work just means you can't be required to join a union or pay union fees in order to get a job.
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            Want another opinion? I agree with Betty3, who agreed with panther.

            If you are a union member, contact your union steward for additional rights you might have under your CBA.
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