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Salary Reduction limits? Nevada

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  • Salary Reduction limits? Nevada

    I work from home in Nevada, for a company in California. We just received an email saying all exempt salary employees have to take a 30% salary reduction, and still work our full-time schedule. This is a $20,000 reduction for me. Is this legal? What are my options?

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    Yes, it is legal. A 30% reduction of $20K means you are making nearly $68K now?

    Your options are to accept the reduction or to quit. If you quit, though, I wouldn't expect to get UI benefits, and those would be nowhere near $4,000 per month. I don't know about Nevada, but in my state, if you are working full-time, you don't qualify for partial benefits.
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      It is not inherently illegal, as long as notice is given prior to the change, the change does not reduce weekly salary below $455/week, and there is no formal contract to the contrary being violated. A very large number of employees are either being laid off or having the wages reduced.
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