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Paid Time off for Nevada employees for Jury Duty? Nevada

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  • Paid Time off for Nevada employees for Jury Duty? Nevada

    Hi there.
    Does anyone know for certain if Nevada employers are required to give paid time off for jury duty? I have read several statutes that state what the violations are if an employer prohibits them going, not giving them the time off, automatically deducting paid leaves, etc. But do the employees actual receive a paid jury duty on behalf of their company?

    Where can I confirm this info? What if the employee wants to use a PTO day if in fact we establish employers are NOT required to pay? Should we just have them sign something that it's a voluntary request to be paid?


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    This is the statute Nv. has re jury duty for employees:

    NRS 6.190 Terminating or threatening to terminate employment because of jury duty prohibited; civil action for unlawful termination; requiring employee to use sick leave or vacation time or to work certain hours prohibited; notice to employer; dissuasion from service as juror.
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      Something else to consider (and I dont know Nevada law) is that the employee may be paid by the court system for that day.
      Some companies allow you to keep the jury duty fee any your regular pay, others pay you for the day minus the fee.

      My husband recently had jury duty and was paid $50/day.
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        If the employee is exempt, you have to pay them under federal law, unless they performed no services in the entire workweek. You may, however, require they use PTO time and, as Morgana states, you may offset their pay with whatever the court pays (although, as a payroll manager for many years, I personally think the administrative hassle of doing so isn't really worth it).
        (3) While an employer cannot make deductions from pay for absences of an exempt employee occasioned by jury duty, attendance as a witness or temporary military leave, the employer can offset any amounts
        received by an employee as jury fees, witness fees or military pay for
        a particular week against the salary due for that particular week
        without loss of the exemption.
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          There are a few states where an employee cannot be required to take paid leave while on jury duty; Nevada, however, is not one of them.
          The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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            Thanks Everyone. I also found some info on the website for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that says Nevada does not require jury duty pay on behalf of employers.

            Thanks Again.


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              If we are talking about Exempt Salaried employees only, then under federal law (FLSA) there are docking restrictions related to Jury Duty. Neither the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or the State of Nevada have any authority to override federal law. You might want to re-read Patty's post.
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